Home Is Where The Heart Is

After a long time.. I loved reading this one SERIOUSLY.. 🙂

A Shade Of Pen

“Home is where the heart is.”

“Can home be a person and not a place?”

I have a beautiful collection of some of the best home quotes coz come to think of it, it is one place where I stay 24 x 7 and I don’t complain. I just love the feeling of being home and even the very thought of being away gives me the creeps. Yeah, am a big girl, independent and that, but talk of home… I feel three again.

Coming to the point, we all want to beautify our home. Don’t we? Imagine calling your friends for a pretty pink party (yep, we worship pink… it is THE GIRL SHADE after all) and when they compliment your beautiful home and the lovely decors, my height increases by a full four inches!! Lol definitely not literally or else I would be a ten feet giant by…

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There are places I remember

write meg!

For someone who likes to keep a tight fist around her emotions, I can be pretty mushy.

Like, really mushy.

Too-embarrassing-to-put-on-the-Internet mushy.

But I guess that’s not a bad thing, right? I mean, I really love my husband. Which is a good thing, considering we’ve only been hitched for two months . . . and if the sheen had already worn off, that might be a little scary.

Last weekend I started going through old photo albums hunting for favorite photos of Spencer and me through the years — pictures that will be included in a montage for our wedding video. I’ve totally slacked on this task; though I vowed to get our videographer the needed materials soon after the wedding, I crashed hard in November and basically abandoned any remaining bridal tasks . . . save the all-important thank-you notes.



But. It’s late January now and, well, I

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A Place in the Sun/Footprints in the Snow

The Goat that Wrote

Somewhere over the mid-Pacific I swapped my camo hunting cap (found dangling on a tree in Pennsylvania while hiking the A.T.) for a beanie, arranged my flimsy, handkerchief-sized blankie and folded myself into an approximation of sleep.

I always book a window seat when I can to avoid contact with fellow passengers, and refrain from bathroom trips if possible, a challenge that passes the time while building self-control and Olympic-standard bladder endurance. I managed 12 hours on this trip, I’m proud to say. Just limit your free drinks to a single gin and tonic and try not to look at the ocean.

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