Rainy London

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Rainy London


Rainy London, November 2013, Acrylic on canvas, 30 x 35 cm

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I’ve always liked London, or, better said, its weather. In spite of the constant rain and moisture, it also exhales warmth and comfort. I try to translate the experiences behind certain situation because I consider that you have to first taste bad in order to appreciate the good parts in life. In this painting, for instance, only the cold rain the pedestrians must face will make them truly appreciate the warmth provided by their homes. And, as a spot of color, I added one of the elements, which in my opinion, represents the color of the city itself: a phone booth.

My advice is that you shouldn’t just stare at the painting; try to imagine yourself trading places with one of the pedestrians on the sidewalk.

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The stop

In my silent moments of despair,

I have always looked out for you

I still do not know your face

Yet my heart whispers the words

I know not what time has in store

And yet I wait to meet the one

Who shall make me forget the times

And will give me joy and bliss

I will walk a million miles

To complete the story that has begun

And together we will walk the next road

Until the journey finally ends at a stop.

Why People Always Disappoint?


There are people who are always going to disappoint you. You think something about them and they will take a 360 degree turn and upset your rhythm. This is the law of life. Does that mean, you should not trust people at all?

Definitely not. The road of life is long and if you do not have someone to share your happiness with, the path will get weary.

So, what is the way out? It is simply to believe the right person. You do not have any hi tech instruments to check whether or not you should trust someone, however, your heart is your biggest savior. Ask your heart and see if the person is worthy enough for your trust. You will either be in for a disappointment or else you will have a friend for life. The choice is always going to be yours.


Friday Flowers

Every Flower Speaks of Timeless Beauty 😉

Gwirrel's Garden

I finally picked up some Corydalis recently after having repeatedly told myself I need to get some but then always somehow forgetting – or rather never actually seeing it in shops!
Also, my mum gave me a ‘cutting’ of her 100+ year old Peony which was, I believe her Grandfather’s, but actually I think it might’ve even been his father’s… Anyway. So yes, my dad was being ‘useful’ and I use the term loosely by removing the old stems of the Peony to allow the new growth to come up, only he was ripping it out, and out came these two stems and a portion of tuber. So, it looks like I finally have some of it, after mum saying for the past 8 years or so that she wants me to have some to keep it in the family.
At the moment it’s in a pot because I don’t…

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