A Thought For Today




Remember, you can choose to be the candle that emits light and speaks of hope even when it extinguishes itself or you can be the darkness that is shunned by all and does not even has its own shadow. We are all what we make of ourselves, so choose the right options that will make you proud.



Friday Flowers

Every Flower Speaks of Timeless Beauty 😉

Gwirrel's Garden

I finally picked up some Corydalis recently after having repeatedly told myself I need to get some but then always somehow forgetting – or rather never actually seeing it in shops!
Also, my mum gave me a ‘cutting’ of her 100+ year old Peony which was, I believe her Grandfather’s, but actually I think it might’ve even been his father’s… Anyway. So yes, my dad was being ‘useful’ and I use the term loosely by removing the old stems of the Peony to allow the new growth to come up, only he was ripping it out, and out came these two stems and a portion of tuber. So, it looks like I finally have some of it, after mum saying for the past 8 years or so that she wants me to have some to keep it in the family.
At the moment it’s in a pot because I don’t…

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