Why People Always Disappoint?


There are people who are always going to disappoint you. You think something about them and they will take a 360 degree turn and upset your rhythm. This is the law of life. Does that mean, you should not trust people at all?

Definitely not. The road of life is long and if you do not have someone to share your happiness with, the path will get weary.

So, what is the way out? It is simply to believe the right person. You do not have any hi tech instruments to check whether or not you should trust someone, however, your heart is your biggest savior. Ask your heart and see if the person is worthy enough for your trust. You will either be in for a disappointment or else you will have a friend for life. The choice is always going to be yours.



5 thoughts on “Why People Always Disappoint?

  1. I had closed the door to my heart and i wudn’t let anyone in. I had trusted and loved only to be hurt, but this wud never happen again.I had locked the door and tossed the key.As far and wide as i could ,love and trust would never enter there again.My heart and feelings are now closed for good so that i shudn’t end up hurting myself ever again.

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